What are promotional codes?

Sometimes, when you visit a particular online store, you are offered a promo code. This usually happens when you visit a store for the first time or when the store has special offers at the moment of your visit. But, what is a promo code, why is it offered to you, and for what you can use it? The first thing you should know is that promo codes are specific to e-commerce websites and online stores, and it can take the form of a promo code or coupon code, although it means one and the same thing. Also, it is not a code some wrote down, as it is a code generated by a computer, so that each code offered to visitors is unique, as they are made to be used once.

Usually, a promo code consists of a combination of various numbers and letters, and it is offered with the purpose of giving clients a price discount for the products found in an online shop. The promo code can be activated during the checkout process, meaning that once you are done putting products in your shopping cart and you are ready to place the order, you reach the checkout page. It is the page that will require payment and delivery details while allowing you to take one final look at all the products you are about to purchase. Well, on this page, you should find a special box where you can introduce the promo code you received. Look carefully for the box, as it is rather small, but will have the “Promo Code” marker next to it. This box is actually a field in which you need to type the code so you can enjoy the promised discount. Just make sure that the code is written down correctly because if you write one number or letter wrongfully, the code will not be considered valid and you will have troubles getting the discount.

As you just found out, a promo code is actually a code for discounts. The discount comes in different forms, according to the policy of the online shop. Thus, it may be a fixed sum that will be taken off the price of the products, a percentage that will be offered as a discount, or other discount forms, but it can also come in the form or free shipping or free products, depending on how the shop advertises its promo code. Also, it is worth knowing that, besides the various shapes it can take, a promo code can take various names as well. Thus, you may find it as a discount code, gift code, offer code, digital coupon, and others. But they all mean the same thing and that is the fact that you’ll enjoy a discount.

Online shops offer promo codes for the purpose of attracting new clients or as part of their loyalty program. The codes can be offered directly on their website, but can also be present on the websites of their affiliates.

So even if you find a promo code somewhere else, like on a blog or in a newsletter, you can still use it. But, there are also chances to find these codes in a printed form, such as in business magazines and various specialty publications.

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How to use a coupon or promo code?

If you had the chance to get the things you need cheaper, would you take advantage of this chance? Why spend more than necessary when you can use promo codes to access discounts for your favorite products and save money? In the following lines, you are about to find out how to use promo code. By spending just a few minutes of your schedule, you will not only receive the code, but also all the instructions you need to use it right and enjoy a discount. Even if you never used promo codes before, it will be extremely easy if you follow these 3 simple steps. In case you do encounter issues with using your online discount coupons, do not hesitate to contact customer service.

Step 1: Browse through the online store and find the item you want to purchase. Once you found it, making sure it fits all your requirements, just add it to your shopping cart. Also, make sure that the item is eligible for the application of the discount code, because some offers of may not be cumulated. In case the product is precisely what you need and there are no issues with using the promo code for purchasing it, proceed towards closing the purchasing process.

Step 2: With the item in your shopping cart, you will have to go through the checkout procedures of store.  Go carefully through every page of this process, to make sure that all the information needed to making the payment and shipment is correct. Also, look for a particular field on one of the pages that requires the introduction of the promo code. You will have to be careful and find it yourself, because the store will not announce you whether you forgot or not to introduce the code, as not all buyers have it. Thus, look thoroughly through each page until you find this particular section.

Step 3: Take a final look through the shopping cart before giving your last accept, making sure that the code was properly introduced for the product you want to purchase. You should be able to see the discount applied on the final price you’ll have to pay. If you cannot see the discount applied on the final sum, you will have to go back and go through the steps of the checkout process once more. There may have been something you did not do right. But, in case everything is in order, you got the product you wanted, you can see that the promo code was applied on your order, all you have to do is close the purchase, by making the final checkout.

How to Use a Coupon or Promo Code?

Now, you have all the info you need to enjoy the promo code offered by store. Enjoy your shopping and, most importantly, enjoy your savings!

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